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Would you recognize an email link you shouldn’t click on?

Most computer users have seen a phishing email but would you recognize it to be fake before it was too late? Some of today’s phishing attempts are very convincing and the methods used are always changing and getting more sophisticated. We’ve repeatedly seen the usual Bank message where they claim your accounts will be frozen unless you provide your credentials immediately. We’ve also seen the parcel delivery failed notice where the message includes a notice that a parcel is waiting for you to claim. Some of the more recent methods include a parking infraction notice, or a Photo Radar speeding ticket. There are infinite ways to grab our attention and make us want to click the link or open the attachment out of panic or curiousity. The question is, would you know what to look for when viewing an email you’re not sure of? The very first clue would be where the message came from. You might see something that looks like a legit name in the “From” field but if you hover over that name you should see the full email address. It’s most definitely not going to match where the message appears to come from. Review the message thoroughly, you’ll often find many spelling mistakes as well. Those who have fallen prey to these methods usually say they were afraid their bank accounts would really be frozen, or they were expecting a parcel. This is what the bad guys count on and why they try to create urgency in their messages. We often tell our clients, if your gut tells you it isn’t right, it probably isn’t right and you should ignore it. Just remember to think twice before clicking on a message that could compromise your computer.

Trusted IT Service Provider = Enterprise Managed IT Solutions

When your business is in need of IT support you want an IT provider you can count on and one you can trust to get the job done right. Our customers constantly let us know that they’re pleased at how well we respond to their IT needs. Enterprise Managed IT Solutions provides IT Support in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area to small and medium sized businesses just like yours. Whether you need help occasionally or you need your IT Systems fully managed, call us now – 905-602-9899

Let us show you how IT should be!

Managed IT Services in Mississauga

Backup, Backup, Backup! Does your business perform regular backups of your critical data? Many business owners don’t realize the importance of backups until it’s too late. Data loss can cost your company more than just financial loss. Customer info, purchasing records, inventory statistics and much more can be lost forever. If your IT systems suffer a catastrophic failure and there isn’t a proper backup, will your business survive? Protect your business, protect your data. We provide monthly managed IT services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. Included as part of this service is backup management and review that ensures your backup is complete and current.

IT Services in Brampton

Business IT Systems not performing? If your Server is crashing, network is slow or Malware has infected one of your PC’s call us now. Maybe you’re thinking of outsourcing your business IT needs? We can help! EMITS provides exceptional IT Services in Brampton and the Greater Toronto area. Whether it’s on-demand IT Support or fully managed monthly IT Maintenance call us, we’ll show you how IT should be.

A Trusted IT Partner

Every business needs reliable IT Infrastructure. A trusted IT partner can help, one that has your best interest in mind. Whether it’s an immediate need or you require fully managed monthly IT, we can help. We offer IT Support and monthly managed IT Services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. We’re available when you need us and out rates won’t break your budget.

IT Support in Mississauga

Are your Business IT Systems operating at full efficiency? Maybe your network is slow, your server is crashing, or your Internet is always going down. These symptoms could be caused by many factors, malware, mis-configured resources or even just old technology. Whatever the cause, it’s costing your business money. We can help! We provide exceptional IT Support and Managed IT Services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto area. Our initial consultation is at no cost and no obligation and we’ll show you how your business IT systems could be improved. Contact us anytime

Don’t use outdated IT Hardware

Is your business using old, outdated hardware? Doing so could be costing your business a tremendous amount of money. Still using Windows XP? That could cost your business more than just financial loss. Running old software on newer IT hardware could also have a negative impact. Technology is much more affordable in today’s world and spending just a little in the right place could potentially save your business thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Additionally, older systems are at risk of failing completely, don’t take that chance. We’ll provide a no-charge consultation where we’ll analyze your existing IT infrastructure and show you where improvements will save your business money.

Windows Server 2003 Support ended

Is your business still using Windows Server 2003? Microsoft ended Support for this operating system on July 14th 2015. That means they are no longer releasing updates or security patches, potentially leaving your system vulnerable to malicious attack. Upgrading to a newer, more secure operating system such as Windows Server 2012 is highly recommended, this should be handled by a skilled professional. We are well experienced in Microsoft Server migrations and can assist with upgrading your servers. The benefits in upgrading are many, including reduced downtime and increased response time with regard to client/server requests. If you need a quote, or just have questions relating to any IT upgrades, contact us anytime. We provide IT Support and Managed IT Services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area.

What Are The Benefits of IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing, or using an outside organization to handle IT responsibilities typically performed in-house is pretty standard in today’s business world. Finding a reliable company to perform those duties is sometimes difficult. Select the wrong IT Provider and you’re in for a world of hurt. Select the right IT Provider and your IT Systems will hum along happily. When meeting with potential IT providers don’t be afraid to ask about their experience, their levels of expertise and be sure to ask for references. A solid provider should be able to answer any questions and would be happy to provide experience and references. If you find otherwise, keep looking.

IT Outsourcing is available in many fashions, fully managed monthly IT means your provider will manage your IT systems to the level of your agreement, this usually includes updates and security patches, backup management, networking, data security and much more. On-demand support is basically a break/fix solution where you contact an IT Services provider when you need them. Regardless of which you choose, you should be able to count on your IT provider at any hour of the day.

Some of the benefits to IT Outsourcing:

Expense cutting: This is often the motivation behind why businesses decide to outsource. IT providers can cut your capital expenses by utilizing resources not normally afforded to smaller businesses. Costs to staff a full IT department have proven excessive to many small and medium sized businesses. High Wages, Benefits, Vacation and Sick Days quickly add up and can weigh heavily on small business. Outsourcing can provide a full range of expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Access to highly skilled staff: Small business would likely employ a junior IT person with limited experience. This might be suitable for some IT issues but what happens when the issue is beyond their knowledge? Now you not only have the expense of the IT staff but you still have to hire an outside source to solve the problem. IT providers often have several support staff, each with different levels of experience and expertise. Depending on the issue at hand, you may deal with a junior person or it may be a senior tech with many years of experience. The point is, the cost is usually fixed. There are IT providers that might charge different rates depending on the severity of the issue but that practice is limited to few companies.

Without required ongoing maintenance to business IT systems, those IT systems will become sluggish, likely start crashing and will eventually fail completely. This can cost your business a tremendous amount of money in system downtime, lost productivity and potential loss of business related data (sales records, purchasing data and more) are all possible. To some businesses the eventual IT failure is catastrophic, many don’t have proper backup strategies and few have a disaster recovery plan.

Keep your business IT systems running at full efficiency by keeping them properly maintained.

Small Business moving to the Cloud – EMITS

Have you been thinking about moving your Small Business IT systems to the cloud? There are so many options and plenty of cloud service providers available, knowing which to select will depend on what you want the cloud to do for your business. Do you want to store information in the cloud? You can do that, be it File Storage or Data Backup. Do you want to use software from a cloud provider? Many software companies are moving (or have moved) their license management and software access to the cloud. There are several factors that need to be determined before making a decision. The wrong choice could leave your business without access to data, no email service and no website. Questions that need to be considered are; What if our Internet goes down? What if the cloud provider goes down? How would you access your data? How would you communicate with customers and vendors if you had no e-mail service? It happens, more often than it should with some cloud services. It’s likely that you will not have access to the services being hosted by that provider for the duration of the outage. For some businesses it’s not a big deal, a short outage won’t affect them too much. To others, it could cause serious consequences and can be very costly. Understanding these possibilities and knowing the risks are very important in making this decision, having an IT provider with knowledge and experience is critical, it can mean the difference between a successful migration to the cloud and a disaster that will cost your business money.

For some small businesses, moving IT services to the cloud will provide relief to their IT Budget with less hardware and software to maintain and no need to worry about backups. Many small businesses are already using the cloud, by having a website or e-mail service hosted with third party providers. As it evolves further, the cloud will become more important in every aspect of running a small business. Will your business be ready?

Do you have questions about the cloud? Call us anytime, we’re here to help.