Did you receive a call from Microsoft Technical Support?

You or someone you know has received this call. “Hello, I’m calling from Microsoft Technical Support, we can see your computer on the Internet and there is a problem. It is infected with many viruses, but we can help you fix it.” They usually ask for remote access to your computer to show you where […]

Would you recognize an email link you shouldn’t click on?

Most computer users have seen a phishing email but would you recognize it to be fake before it was too late? Some of today’s phishing attempts are very convincing and the methods used are always changing and getting more sophisticated. We’ve repeatedly seen the usual Bank message where they claim your accounts will be frozen […]

Managed IT Services in Mississauga

Backup, Backup, Backup! Does your business perform regular backups of your critical data? Many business owners don’t realize the importance of backups until it’s too late. Data loss can cost your company more than just financial loss. Customer info, purchasing records, inventory statistics and much more can be lost forever. If your IT systems suffer […]

IT Services in Brampton

Business IT Systems not performing? If your Server is crashing, network is slow or Malware has infected one of your PC’s call us now. Maybe you’re thinking of outsourcing your business IT needs? We can help! EMITS provides exceptional IT Services in Brampton and the Greater Toronto area. Whether it’s on-demand IT Support or fully […]

A Trusted IT Partner

Every business needs reliable IT Infrastructure. A trusted IT partner can help, one that has your best interest in mind. Whether it’s an immediate need or you require fully managed monthly IT, we can help. We offer IT Support and monthly managed IT Services in Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area. We’re available when you […]

IT Support in Mississauga

Are your Business IT Systems operating at full efficiency? Maybe your network is slow, your server is crashing, or your Internet is always going down. These symptoms could be caused by many factors, malware, mis-configured resources or even just old technology. Whatever the cause, it’s costing your business money. We can help! We provide exceptional […]

Don’t use outdated IT Hardware

Is your business using old, outdated hardware? Doing so could be costing your business a tremendous amount of money. Still using Windows XP? That could cost your business more than just financial loss. Running old software on newer IT hardware could also have a negative impact. Technology is much more affordable in today’s world and […]

Windows Server 2003 Support ended

Is your business still using Windows Server 2003? Microsoft ended Support for this operating system on July 14th 2015. That means they are no longer releasing updates or security patches, potentially leaving your system vulnerable to malicious attack. Upgrading to a newer, more secure operating system such as Windows Server 2012 is highly recommended, this […]

What Are The Benefits of IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing, or using an outside organization to handle IT responsibilities typically performed in-house is pretty standard in today’s business world. Finding a reliable company to perform those duties is sometimes difficult. Select the wrong IT Provider and you’re in for a world of hurt. Select the right IT Provider and your IT Systems will […]

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