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Small Business moving to the Cloud – EMITS

Have you been thinking about moving your Small Business IT systems to the cloud? There are so many options and plenty of cloud service providers available, knowing which to select will depend on what you want the cloud to do for your business. Do you want to store information in the cloud? You can do that, be it File Storage or Data Backup. Do you want to use software from a cloud provider? Many software companies are moving (or have moved) their license management and software access to the cloud. There are several factors that need to be determined before making a decision. The wrong choice could leave your business without access to data, no email service and no website. Questions that need to be considered are; What if our Internet goes down? What if the cloud provider goes down? How would you access your data? How would you communicate with customers and vendors if you had no e-mail service? It happens, more often than it should with some cloud services. It’s likely that you will not have access to the services being hosted by that provider for the duration of the outage. For some businesses it’s not a big deal, a short outage won’t affect them too much. To others, it could cause serious consequences and can be very costly. Understanding these possibilities and knowing the risks are very important in making this decision, having an IT provider with knowledge and experience is critical, it can mean the difference between a successful migration to the cloud and a disaster that will cost your business money.

For some small businesses, moving IT services to the cloud will provide relief to their IT Budget with less hardware and software to maintain and no need to worry about backups. Many small businesses are already using the cloud, by having a website or e-mail service hosted with third party providers. As it evolves further, the cloud will become more important in every aspect of running a small business. Will your business be ready?

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Listen to your Business IT Systems!

Do you ever hear strange noises coming from your Server? It could be nothing, but it could also be a sign of trouble. If not addressed it could lead to systems crashing, slow response times from your server, or worst, complete system failure. Your business cannot afford the high cost of having your IT systems down. Preventative maintenance is always best but if you don’t have an IT Provider doing so, you shouldn’t wait until something fails. It will cost far less to have the system repaired before it fails and your employees aren’t able to work. Waiting could also be a danger to your company DATA if you don’t have a backup and a Hard Drive is what requires attention. When that drive fails it may make the company information stored on it unrecoverable.

What about those times your network slows to a crawl and employees are waiting for the server to respond. That costs your business money! Need to reboot the server again, more money. Or the Internet keeps dropping and you lose all access to email, yet again more money. All these issues cost your business money! You could be losing several hundred or even several thousand dollars weekly without even realizing it. You really should listen to your IT systems, they will tell you everything you need to know. Whether it’s actual noise coming from IT hardware or a staff member letting you know the system is slow, or crashed, you hear the warnings. These issues shouldn’t exist and can be avoided with IT systems that are properly maintained. Having your internal IT Systems running at full efficiency is something that you should expect. It’s a fact that well managed IT Systems will help your business make more money! You should maintain your business IT Systems with a monthly Managed IT Service plan from an experienced IT Provider.

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