Did you receive a call from Microsoft Technical Support?

You or someone you know has received this call. “Hello, I’m calling from Microsoft Technical Support, we can see your computer on the Internet and there is a problem. It is infected with many viruses, but we can help you fix it.” They usually ask for remote access to your computer to show you where the problems are. Once you provide access they usually install a fake anti-virus program that appears to show your computer is infected with hundreds or thousands of malicious files. This is the point where they offer to clean it for a fee and ask for your Credit Card info. Nothing about this call is legitimate and giving access remotely allows them to install anything they want on your computer. They could be installing real malware that could steal your personal information. The best thing you can do once they say they’re from Microsoft or any Internet support company and your computer is infected, is hang up your phone.

This isn’t the only scenario like this, but it is the most common we’ve seen.  Once again we say, if your gut tells you something isn’t right, it likely isn’t. There is no one searching the Internet for computers that are infected with malware so they can clean it for you, especially not Microsoft.

If a user within your business network has fallen victim to this scheme you should have your IT Systems reviewed by a professional as soon as possible.

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