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On-demand IT Support – When you have an immediate need for IT Support.

Whatever the IT issue, you want support from a trusted provider. We are available for immediate assistance with malware removal, disaster recovery, server, e-mail or networking issues. Our hourly rate is competitive and our technicians are Business IT Support professionals. Contact us anytime for immediate IT Support.

Managed IT Services – Your IT systems maintained by experienced technicians.

Our Managed IT services are delivered by a team of trusted, experienced technicians who know business IT systems. You will have total peace of mind knowing EMITS will keep your IT systems healthy and your company data protected. Our managed services include applying Microsoft Service Pack and Security updates, Anti-Virus management via Server console, Event and Error Log reviews, backup job management and more. Contact us for more information regarding our Managed IT Services.

Microsoft Office 365 – E-Mail service that can’t be beat.

You need email service you can rely on. Microsoft Office 365 is the best! Let a qualified Microsoft Partner handle your migration to Office 365. We’ll take care of it from start to finish. Whether you want just the basics or Microsoft’s full suite, contact us anytime and we’ll take care of it.

Upgrades – Technology can make or break business profits.

Using old, outdated hardware and or software can have a devastating effect on your staff. The frustrations of waiting for documents to open or close, or a system that crashes repeatedly. It’s likely that lost productivity is costing you much more than you realize. The potential for a catastrophic failure also increases as that equipment ages, risking even more costly downtime. Replace outdated hardware or software before tragedy strikes. Contact us anytime for more information regarding IT upgrades.

Networking and security – Protecting your Business Data.

A poorly configured network will surely have an impact on IT Systems performance, it could also be leaving your network unsecured and vulnerable to attack. Businesses need better protection than what is provided by an ISP’s router. An enterprise class firewall, set up properly, will protect you from outside intruders. Having an IT professional configure it will make for a fast, secure and stable network.

SPAM Filtering – Don’t let SPAM cost your business money.

Staff that have to go through dozens of messages to find legitimate e-mail are wasting company time and risk missing or deleting an important message. SPAM costs small businesses millions of dollars annually, don’t let it cost you another cent. We have a proven solution that is cost effective and can be implemented without impacting your business. Contact us to find out more about our SPAM protection.

Help Desk Support Services (Onsite and Remote) – Get help, fast.

Your staff need the ability to connect with knowledgeable IT Support staff when required. We can provide remote support for those critical moments and we’ll be onsite in a flash if required. Contact us anytime for Help Desk information.

Anti-Virus and Malware Removal – Malware will hurt your business, be protected.

Malware is a primary cause of lost revenue for small business. Your IT systems need to be protected and that protection must be maintained. Having a solid Anti-Virus product isn’t enough, it should be monitored for malicious activity and needs to be kept up to date. Outdated Anti-Virus is no different than not having anti-virus.

IT Project Consulting – Call us if you have an IT project you need help with.

Upgrades, moving IT equipment, large scale hardware or software implementations, changing ISP’s or hosting providers, we can help outline a project plan and prevent the changes from drastically impacting your day to day business operations.

Internet Services – Don’t let sluggish Internet keep your staff waiting.

While there are many choices for Business Internet Service providers, most offer only generic service. Business needs better and we have partnered with one of the best! With competitive rates and service level commitments that are hard to beat.

Cloud Solutions – Reliable, always up service is critical

You need a cloud solution that won’t fail you. Whether it’s for backups or full online data storage, it needs to be there when you want access to it. Let us make your move to the cloud seamless.

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